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Education Planning

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College planning isn't as simple as saving cash in a piggy bank or a brokerage account. Believe it or not, there are laws specifically related to saving for college designed to provide an array of financial advantages. We aren't referencing custodial accounts, but accounts that are only advantageous toward qualified educational expenses. 


Often times, saving for college happens too late. The savings require time to grow, but need to reduce risk near the start date. For example, the money needs to be used in 2 years. If the savings are invested now, the principle may be at risk! We can outline a guide path for the investments, so the allocation changes with the children's age to help minimize surprises at the time of need. We can even estimate what needs to be saved today to fund an inflating college expense in the future. 

What happens if my child decides not to go to college? Can we use the money for a private high school or masters degree? What about paying for the room and board? Are the assets protected and managed? We will be happy to answer all these questions and the ones you haven't thought to ask. 


  • Federal tax-free growth
  • Tax-free withdrawals (if qualified)
  • Guardian control over funds
  • Potential state tax credits
  • Beneficiary flexability
  • Minimal financial aid interferance