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Clearview Wealth Advisors, LLC

Investment Philosophy

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At the core of Clearview, you will find nothing surpasses our attention to your goals. Our measure of success is the ability for you to meet your goals. Every decision we make is with your interests in mind. Unlike other firms, we aim to minimize fees, taxes, and turnover. This Strategy is designed to enrich the portfolio by reducing unnecessary costs.


We don't allocate assets based on historical data alone. Current market conditions can be analyzed to make future predictions. With a long term investment strategy, and a close eye on market conditions, a diversified portfolio can thrive. We want to check your portfolio often, making sure allocation is as planned. However, change is sometimes necessary as new information is presented. 

For example, in times of an inverted yield curve (long term bond yields are lower then short term bond yields), we want to examine your bond allocation. It would make the most sense to lean towards short term bonds to reduce risk and achieve a higher yield. Even though your bond allocation duration may change, your overall investment strategy remains the same. 

Your short-term and long term strategies are dynamic, not static. Your investment plan will not be the same in your 30's as your investment plan in your 50's. Think of your investment plan like a road trip. An accident on the road may want us to consider an alternate route. Even with unexpected events, our destination stays the same. We want to make sure you are driving as fast, or slow, as you feel comfortable. 

A long term asset allocation is can be great for growing a portfolio, but what happens in case of emergencies? Are your assets tied up? We know life changes unexpectedly. Your portfolio will be able to provide liquidity in a sudden, life changing event. You have the power over your money, we simply put it to work.