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Clearview Wealth Advisors, LLC

Portfolio Process

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Every step of our planning process has you in mind. Before any planning begins, we must fully understand your current financial position. Every detail matters and can have a significant impact on your future. 

After understanding your financial position, we analyze short, intermediate, and long term goals you have. These can range from your dream car to financing your child's wedding. 

Markets can be unpredictable. Based on a questionnaire, we can understand how much volatility you are comfortable with. We combine your goals, age, and emotion towards volatility to create your risk tolerance. 


Now we can create a custom portfolio. In the dynamic market we live in, global allocation can help provide efficient  

diversification. However, global investing is not for everyone. Your asset allocation should fit your needs and goals. 

Clearview wants to make sure you know why your assets are invested the way they are so you can feel confident in your portfolio and strategy. 


Monitoring your portfolio is a never ending cycle. When your goals and risk tolerance change, your portfolio may need to change with it.