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Clearview Wealth Advisors, LLC

Our Values

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Salem, OR, 97301

Our firm provides an outstanding client experience because of our dedication to our underlying principles. Clearview's culture is founded on strong client relatonships, service, and performance. 

Strong Client Relationships

Before numbers are discussed, we aim to establish trust. With intergrity being the foundation of our firm, our words will always align with our conduct.

A high moral standard is embedded in our culture, making transparency easily achievable. Once trust is established, the doors are open for a dynamic financial planning relationship.

Our relationships begin with meaningful communication. We take the time to know the details of you and your family members through thoughtful conversations. Clearview takes pride in answering the 'why' quesitons. With knowledge comes confidience and security. 


As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we have the freedom to to serve clients without corporate obligations, product incentives and cookie-cutter plans. 

By minimizing financial bias, we only focus on your true needs. Whether communicating over the phone or face-to-face, our advisors are always ready to help. 

Performance & Preservation

Each of our senior advisors have over 20 years of experience. They have been exposed to nearly every market condition. We provide value to clients through custom portfolio optimization while carefully considering the risk tolerance of our client. Clearview strives for results that help clients achive their financial goals. 

You already have money, but is it working for you? Retirement is similar to unemployment for 20 years. How can we keep the cash coming in to last through an expensive retirement phase? Our advisors can help you perserve your life's work in the golden years.